>my moms.

>I am one blessed Momma. Not only do I have a wonderful husband and five precious little ones who have doted on me all day long, but I have also been blessed with a wonderful Mom and Mother-in-law of my own!

Mom – Thank you for how you tirelessly serve our family. Your trips to our house twice a month for the past (almost) 10 years have been one of God’s kindest blessings in my life since getting married and moving away (and Dad – yes, I’m fully aware that I owe you big time). You enable me to run errands, go shopping, get out with one kiddo for a little date, have doctor/dentist appointments without lugging along 5 kids, and most importantly – have date nights with my love! You are quick to serve me in any way you are able and any time we have a need (including coming to help when Brian travels, babysitting the kiddos for overnighters, taking my little ones when I have projects to get done, helping out with school and any random jobs around the house). You are the greatest example in my life of showing what it means to serve others in such a way that is completely selfless and in complete joy. You have played such a part in making me who I am as a wife, mother and homemaker as I have had the privilege to watch you in action as your daughter (and Brian thanks you!) … I pray that one day I can bless my daughters in the same way that you bless me! Thank you for being the best Mom a girl could ask for; I love you!

Mom #2 – I am so grateful to you for how you have raised your son to be a Godly man who fears the Lord and desires to honor Him above all else. I am a direct beneficiary of your hard work, time and investment that you made as a Mom. We have been so blessed by your care for our family. We love your trips when you come and visit to spend time with us and I love that you are always bringing something along that you know will bless me and the kiddos. Thank you for serving our family by sharing produce from your garden, lending a helping hand with applesauce and corn, delivering my poultry to me (often times already broken down by pound and bagged for me!), cleaning places in my house that only get cleaned when you are here, investing time with the kiddos and loving me like your own daughter; I love you!

Happy Mothers Day to both of you … I am blessed indeed!


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