DIY Tri-Fold Board and Memory Work Board

As a tutor for Classical Conversations I prepare a white board with all of the new memory work on it each week.  Carrying in a large white board every week (while trying to make sure that the information does not get wiped off!) was always a bit of a struggle.  So this year, after coming across this tutorial, I decided to make my own dry erase tri-fold board.  However, after I made it and wrote out the first week of memory work, classroom schedule, and presentation name schedule, I realized that it would be nice to have it be a bit larger.  So, my engineer husband came to the rescue!  What we ended up doing was adding on two additional “wings” that were each 1’x3’ just like the first wings that I had already attached.  So now, instead of having a 4’x3’ board, I have a 6’x3’ board!  Here is a picture of our finished board:

boards 001

Here is a picture of what it looked like before we expanded it:

memory and tri.fold boards 003

You can purchase a large (4’x8’) sheet of this material (shower board) at Lowe’s or Home Depot for around $11-$12 and they will cut each piece to size for free.  Instead of following the original tutorial sizes, I would probably opt to have the middle section be 2’x4’ (instead of 2’x3’) and the wings be 1’x4’ (instead of 1’x3’).  That would make your overall board size be a square that is 4’4’ and give you the extra space that I felt I needed.  The nice thing about my new and improved version is that since both wings fold over top of the main section, my tri-fold board still measures only 2’x3’ when it is folded.  This is going to make transporting my dry erase board so much easier this year and I am very excited! 

Another project I worked on a couple weeks ago was setting up our Memory Board that we use to review our new grammar every week.  I have mine set up much like this tutorial at Half a Hundred Acre Wood.  However, since we do not currently own the science cards, I just left that spot empty and made a little sign that says “Cycle 1, Week 1, Classical Conversations.”  Eventually I may use that for something else, but I’m not sure what yet.  Last year, we had 8 timeline cards to review each week, but this year we only have 7 due to a new format so there is an empty spot.  I also added two additional page protectors on the top wings.  One of them I use for a map and the other one has the first twelve weeks of the timeline song for a quick reference review.  Once we get beyond week 12 of the timeline, I might replace the map with the additional timeline song.  For the Bible spot, I will eventually print out the entire passage in Exodus that we are memorizing this year to have as a weekly reference.  All of the printouts came from CC Connected, except for the timeline printout, which I created.  After we meet for CC each week I will update the printouts with our new memory work to use for review.  Here is a picture of our board:

memory and tri.fold boards 001


3 thoughts on “DIY Tri-Fold Board and Memory Work Board

  1. Did you have to leave a larger gap between the middle and 1st flaps before taping in order for the board to make that last, thicker fold? Can you ask your engineering husband if he could give some advice on how to measure out each gap before taping? Thanks.

    • We used non-sharpened pencils to lay down in between the boards for measuring how much space to leave. We left the same amount of space between the new wings as well so that it has a little give when needed. Does that make sense?

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