Massanutten – hiking

We are enjoying a wonderful time of relaxation in Massanutten thanks to the generosity of my parents.  Yesterday it was a beautiful day outside so we decided to go for a hike.  We picked a moderate hiking trail that was about 3 miles total which was perfect for the kiddos.  The 4 oldest kids all walked the entire time and even Emma was a champ and walked almost half of the time!  She always amazes us when we go to Longwood Gardens with the amount of walking she does, and this hike was no different.  The kids had fun collecting different kinds of acorns and it was a great opportunity to observe trees and plants, as we have been studying botany in school this year. 

Leading the wayMassanutten 01 004

Massanutten 01 006

Our big kid hikers
Massanutten 01 009

Massanutten 01 014

We had beautiful views the entire time
Massanutten 01 010

Our little hikerMassanutten 01 018
Following the trail  
      Massanutten 01 023

Getting a ride from Daddy
Massanutten 01 027

Massanutten 01 028

Massanutten 01 029

Hiking buddies
Massanutten 01 032

Our family
Massanutten 01 036

Beautiful view
Massanutten 01 041

All worn out!
Massanutten 01 043

Gramps and Mimi with the kiddos at the end of our hike
Massanutten 01 052

Me and my love
Massanutten 01 053


One thought on “Massanutten – hiking

  1. Looks like fun! It’s funny but our younger two are better hikers than our older two. They seem like they could just go on and on forever! Maybe they are just trying to prove that they are one of the big kids. 🙂

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