Crafty Creations

Thanks to pinterest there is no shortage of ideas for Easter crafts (or any crafts for that matter)!  Since my kiddos are super crafty kiddos and making messy crafts is pretty much their favorite thing to do, I decided to spend a day this week having a craft day.  They were absolutely thrilled when they discovered my plan.  I’m pretty sure that in my head the plan didn’t involve quite such a mess and everything came together a little easier, but that isn’t reality.    Reality includes messes!  And I love messes!  Ok, so that isn’t entirely true, but when you have 5 kids (or probably 2), I’m pretty sure that God goes to work on all idols involving desires to have a clean, organized, mess-free home.  Thankfully, I am finally learning to embrace the mess and just enjoy making memories.  However, for the record, I am not planning to embrace messes that involve nail polish any time in the foreseeable future!  Back to our crafty day … here is what we created today:
Easter crafts 001

We started out with dyeing eggs.  Our eggs are beautiful and vibrant jewel-toned colors since we used brown eggs.  And for the record I am a fan of baking eggs to make hard-boiled eggs.  Another tip that I found on pinterest, which is something I had no idea you could even do.  It was so easy to preheat the oven to 325* and then bake them for 30 minutes before soaking them in ice water. 

After we finished up with the eggs, we moved onto our faux stained glass crosses.  These were simple to make – we used wax paper, construction paper, tissue paper and modge podge.  The kiddos are hoping to make some more of these in the near future and maybe make some different shapes/sizes.
Easter crafts 008

We finished up with the super messy yarn eggs.  These were a blast to make, but definitely not the easiest.  I didn’t even attempt these until Emma was napping.  Callie needed constant help and even a couple of my other kiddos needed some help here and there.  Between having watery glue dripping all over the place and being all over our hands it made for a bit of a mess. Combine that with trying to pick up individual pieces of dry yarn to wrap on the glue covered balloon, and well, it made for some sticky situations, ha!  Thankfully, the kiddos were all troopers and we had a great time.  I’m pretty sure making the yarn eggs was some nice therapy for me as I was thoroughly enjoying myself even after all of the kiddos finished to go and play! 
Easter crafts 007    Easter crafts 006

Easter crafts 005Easter crafts 004

So there you have it – our crafty day! 


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