Long time, no post!  Ever since we finished up school back in May I fell into “summer mode” and the blog appears to have done the same.  My summer “to-do” list is always longer than what I actually get to, but this year it was a blessing to cross off many of those random things that we wanted to get done.  We had numerous outdoor jobs that we wanted to get done including some yard work, mulching, and re-finishing the deck.  The big kids were a huge help with the deck (especially the many, many spindles).  It looks so much better than before!
Aug 2013 (deck and Em potty) 001

There are always things to do inside as well so we have been keeping plenty busy with random projects.  And as usual, small projects usually end up taking longer and are more involved than planned.  However, I’m grateful for a hubby who can do things himself!  Brian recently spent a weekend adding a central vac port to the garage which is a huge blessing to have primarily for cleaning out the van and car.  We also decided to rip off the carpet on the long step that goes down into the family room so that I can stain/paint it like I did with our other steps.  That project is still in the works since the wood underneath had a large crack in it.  Being the organizer that I am, summer always motivates me to re-organize things like the school room, closets, cabinets, drawers, and anything else that needs organized, so in my spare time I have been going through things.

Summer is also the perfect time to potty train.  Having now potty trained 5 kids, I am happy to be done with that season!  Aug 2013 (deck and Em potty) 003
In May we went to the Poconos for a long weekend with the Mellinger gang.  We were blessed to have perfect weather all 4 days and had a wonderful time.

May-July 2013 002

The cousins (minus Juliet) … these kiddos had a blast playing together.  It is crazy to think that by the end of the year there will be 2 more cousins (both of my married brothers have preggo wives) to add to the gang!  It is close to impossible to keep the cousins picture up to date in this family.

May-July 2013 029

Enjoying the water in early May … crazy kiddos!  Surprisingly, the water was actually fairly nice considering it was the first weekend in May, but like I said we had gorgeous weather in the upper 70’s.

May-July 2013 024

Callie and Lily enjoying some licorice outside.  These buddies played outside on the driveway with rocks for many, many hours.

May-July 2013 055

We took the older kiddos on a couple of hikes and to Boulder Field.

May-July 2013 046

May-July 2013 053

May-July 2013 080

In June we enjoyed a week out at Deep Creek Lake with the Herr gang!  We had a few rainy/cooler days, but on the nice days we were able to enjoy the lake and go for a hike.
May-July 2013 083

May-July 2013 106

Both Hailey and Sydney took ballet this year and they both thoroughly enjoyed their recital.  Hailey was a feather (they danced to the feather song from Forrest Gump) and Sydney was a superhero ballerina (they danced to the Superman theme song)!
May-July 2013 144
May-July 2013 146

May-July 2013 141

May-July 2013 152

The older kiddos all got to spend some time at both sets of grandparents this summer.  Those times are always a highlight for them, and we got to experience life with only little ones while they were away.  I always forget what those days were like until I experience them again.  I am always very grateful to get my big kids back home again and so are the little girlies!

Well, that about sums up the past few months for  us.  Hopefully I will be able to be a bit more regular with posting as we head into another school year.  To those who actually still follow and read my sporadic updates, thanks!


One thought on “Summertime

  1. i love the deck!! it looks so fresh 🙂
    and i can’t believe that when i met you your youngest and my oldest were just babies – only a few months old! and now they are potty trained and walking and talking 🙂 it is just a little crazy to me.
    hope the fall is full of fun for you guys!

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