How I’m Surviving Winter

While I love living in a state that gets to experience the unique weather of four different seasons, I don’t particularly consider winter to be my favorite season. However, because I try to focus on the positives instead of the negatives, I have come to realize that there are some things that can only be enjoyed during these cold, blustery days. So this winter, here are some things that are helping me to not only survive winter, but to thrive during it …

~Warm blankets and our fireplace – I absolutely love snuggling up under a thick warm blanket, turning the fireplace on, and reading a good book. During most afternoons, I read aloud to the kiddos and we all love getting cozy.

~Hot drinks – Whether it is homemade hot cocoa, homemade chai tea latte, my morning cup of coffee, or an afternoon cup of tea, I almost always have a hot drink as a companion throughout these cold days.


~Thick scarves – I have a few knit infinity scarves that are a part of my every day wardrobe (yes, while I am inside my house!) since we don’t keep our heat very high.

~Wool socks and warm boots – While some of my children seem to think walking around barefoot all winter long is brilliant, I am pretty sure my feet would turn blue if I did that. I am thankful for warm woolen socks and boots with wool lining in them.

~Comfort food – This time of the year, we eat tons of soups, stews, roasts, and casseroles. Not much beats a hot bowl of soup and fresh homemade bread for dinner on a cold dreary night. We also typically have a hot lunch to warm us up (grilled cheese with tomato soup, baked potato bar, leftover soup, English muffin pizza’s, etc.).


~Grapefruit – I absolutely L.O.V.E. grapefruit and since this is the time of the year when they are available, delicious, and cheap we always have them on hand. I don’t buy much fresh fruit this time of the year, but grapefruit is a staple.

~Candles – Throughout the winter, I almost always have my candle warmers turned on. I also burn candles, but since the candle warmers are so much more cost effective, we use those more often. There is something about candles burning that just makes the house seem warmer, even if it really isn’t!

~Body Butter – I made a huge batch of Cocoa Peppermint Body Butter which has eliminated any dry itchy skin problems. I have been using my hard lotion bar (same ingredients in my homemade lip balms) on my hands for a few years to avoid dry, chapped, and bleeding hands – however, the body butter is easier to apply all over which has made it a life saver (and saving me money since I used to buy a natural body butter every winter).

~Essential Oils – We have been diffusing essential oils every day and we all love it. Our schoolroom always smells lovely and it is an easy way to absorb them into our systems. We still spray an immune builder blend on every day, but diffusing throughout the day has been a blessing around here.

~Dreaming of summer – Since we just had an in ground pool put in our backyard this past fall, we dream of summer days by the pool!



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