Book List

My current book list:
A Gospel Primer
Morning and Evening
A Praying Life
Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe
True Beauty
Not By Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith

Favorite Book Series for our Children:
The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson – There are currently 3 (of 4) books released in this fantasy saga and it has been a favorite with our children.  The characters are wonderfully drawn and the storyline is epic.
Imagination Station Series – This is a wonderful series for early readers as it exposes them to Christian values and historical events at the same time.  This series is often referred to as a Christian version of the Magic Tree House books.
The Farm Mystery Series – This series continues to be a favorite of Justin’s.  In this series, two brothers learn lessons in obedience and responsibility while solving mysteries and enjoying many adventures.
Sisters in Time – A historical fiction series that are filled with lessons about Christian faith and history.
The Moody Family Series – These books are about a fictional Christian homeschooling family that is learning to love God, help others, and enjoy time as a family.  They are filled with many helpful character lessons.
All-of-a-Kind-Family – Written in the 1950’s, the books in this series are not easy to come by as I believe they are out of print, but they are charming and captivating.  The books follow a poor Jewish immigrant family living in New York’s upper east side on the eve of World War I.  The five daughters find plenty of adventure and mischief.  Wholesome family values and rich vocabulary make this series a joy to read.
The Little House Collection – This classic series should be read aloud to every child!
Little Britches –  This series is somewhat similar to the Little House books, but with more of a masculine spin.  They make an enjoyable family read aloud.  The series is about Little Britches (Ralph Moody), a young boy whose parents move West to start a farm in the early 1900’s. The books are set in the American West and are an excellent example of living history books.  Throughout the series, Ralph learns the value of hard work and learns the skills of both farming and ranching.
*Note: This series includes multiple uses of curse words spoken by the cowboys, including the Lord’s Name.
Christian Heroes: Then and Now – This classic series has been around since the mid-late 90’s, but there are still new books being added to the series.  With almost 30 books in the series, there is a book for just about every time period and region.  Written specifically to challenge readers with the powerful lives of Christians who have profoundly shaped history, these stories help to relive the tales of Christian heroes as they spread the gospel.
Annie Henry: Adventures in the American Revolution – This series has been a favorite of our oldest daughter’s and she has reread them over and over again.  She loves reading about the young, adventurous and exciting Annie Henry (Patrick Henry’s daughter).
Simonetta Carr’s Illustrated Christian Biographies – This set of books includes the Biographies of  John Calvin, Augustine, John Owen, Athanasius, and others.  A wonderful set that introduces children to several key people in church history.
The Melendy Quartet – The 4 books in this series are an engaging and warm series about the close-knit Melendy family and their surprising adventures.
Lightkeeper Series (10 Girls) – This set of books includes Ten Girls Who Changed the World, Ten Girls Who Used Their Talents, Ten Girls Who Made a Difference, Ten Girls Who Didn’t Give in, and Ten Girls Who Made History.  These books show children that some of the greatest people in Christian history were once kids just like them who grew up to influence the lives around them.  There is also a set for boys.
Series by Eleanor Estes – The Moffats and Pye books are all a blast to read aloud because they make us laugh!
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle – Another set of books that makes us laugh!  All of the kiddos love silly Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.
Betsy-Tacy Books – These classical books depict the delightful friendship between two young girls who share adventures and have wonderful imaginations.
Building on the Rock Series – These books are laid out as devotionals with questions at the end of each story.  The stories themselves include a good mixture of historical adventure, childhood experiences, amazing instances of conversion, and dramatic rescues from danger.
The Chronicles of Narnia – A classic series that all of our children enjoy reading and listening to.  For listening enjoyment, our kiddos love this BBC Radio Theatre version.
R.C. Sproul children’s books – While not a series, we have all of R.C. Sproul’s children’s books and they have all been dearly loved by our kiddos.
The Kingdom Series – Another favorite of Justin’s, this wholesome series is filled with captivating adventurous stories.  The books are written in the style of an allegory and are full of knights, battles, and heroism.
The Ashtown Burials – Action packed adventures that include buried treasures, lost civilizations, and ancient secrets.
Red Rock Mysteries – A mystery series about thirteen year old twins Bryce and Ashley.  Each book builds upon the next and typically leaves you with a cliffhanger at the end!
The Cooper Kids Adventure Series – These books by Frank Peretti are action packed adventure Indiana Jones style.
Concord Cunningham: Scripture Sleuth – Every chapter in these books has a complete mystery and resolution with a scripture text included to help solve the mystery. Our kids enjoy solving the mysteries and I love that it helps them become more familiar with the Bible.

Favorite Children’s Books (Solo Titles):
Pilgrim’s Progress –  This version of a wonderful classic is currently our favorite for reading to the kiddos. Justin in particular has always loved this book. While the language is updated in this version to be more modern, it doesn’t compromise the literary beauty of the book. It also includes scripture references at the bottom of the pages, commentary and thirty full-page color illustrations that are beautiful.
Number the Stars – A classic that brings the experience to life through the eyes of 10-year-old Annemarie Johannesen, whose family harbors her best friend, Ellen Rosen, on the eve of the round-up and helps smuggle Ellen’s family out of the country.
Snow Treasure – This is a great story of courage and sacrifice.  For those unfamiliar with this book, it takes place in 1940 during WWII and tells the story of Norwegian children who risk their lives by hiding gold on their sleds and taking it to safety.
I’ll Love You Anyway and Always –  A cute story about a little girl whose disobedience provides her dad with an opportunity to tell her about his unconditional love for her – just like the love of our Heavenly Father towards His children. The dad uses stories from the bible to show how God loves His children, and in the end the little girl has an opportunity to demonstrate love to her brother.
Mike Mulligan and More: A Virginia Lee Burton Treasury – A wonderful treasury that includes the following classics: Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, The Little House, Katy and the Big Snow, and Maybelle the Cable Car.  Our children love these stories and read them over and over again, so we love having the treasury that includes them all.
Harper Collins Treasury of Picture Book Classics – A wonderful addition to any library. It includes 12 classic picture books, including some of our favorites such as “Caps for Sale” by Esphyr Slobodkina, “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown, “From Head to Toe” by Eric Carle, “Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson and “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joffe Numeroff. This treasury is great for toddlers as the pictures are all very large. It’s also a great book to have the big kids read to the little kids as they are all very simple, easy reading picture books!
The Princess and the Kiss –  Tells the story about a princess who is presented with a gift from her parents: her fist kiss. They tell her to choose wisely who she gives her first kiss to, and the rest of the story is about the princess deciding who is worthy of her most valuable gift.
The Garden Wall –  A story of love based on 1 Corinthians 13. A young girl decides she wants to build a garden for her future husband. Her friend offers to build her a wall for around her garden. Together, they learn that it is not as easy as they think and are challenged in different areas along the way, all while learning the lesson of what it means to love.
The Squire and the Scroll – A captivating story about a young squire who travels along side his brave knight on a dangerous journey as they try to find their king. Kids will learn what it means to face temptation and what it takes to guard their heart from all that is impure.

Bible/Devotional Favorites:
The Jesus Storybook Bible – Our favorite children’s Bible. We love this deluxe version because it comes with CD’s so the kiddos can listen on their own.
Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing – From the author of the beloved Jesus Storybook Bible, this is a lovely collection of 101 simple-yet-profound thoughts on faith.  The readings are short, which make them perfect to read anytime!  We enjoy reading this book in the morning at breakfast for a short, yet helpful reminder as we start our day.
Wise Words: Family Stories that Bring the Proverbs to Life – The kiddos love the stories in this book!  They are funny, engaging, and thought-provoking.  The stories are short and only take about 5 minutes to read, which make them a great bedtime story or short family devotional.
God’s Promises and God’s Names – These books are engaging for children of all ages and easy to understand which make them a great read aloud to do all together.
Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers – A sweet little series with 4 different books (The Gospel, The Trinity, The Scripture and The Mission) that teach God-centered theology with simple and precise teaching.
Big Truths for Young Hearts – This book is probably more geared for ages 9 and up as it covers the classic core doctrines of systematic theology.  Each chapter/devotional is about 3 pages long and concludes with questions and memory verses.
Training Hearts, Teaching Minds – A family devotions book based on the shorter catechism.
The Big Book of Questions and Answers and The Big Book of Questions and Answers About Jesus – These books are full of questions, answers, suggested Bible reading, talking time, activities, prayers and memory verses.  The first book is a family guide to the Christian faith and the second book is a family guide to Jesus’ life and ministry.
The Gospel for Children – A guide to teaching children about the gospel.  Covers topics of God, the Bible, Sin, Jesus, Repentance & Faith and Counting the Costs.
Sammy and His Shepherd – In this book the author offers families a delightful story built around the Twenty-third Psalm that will help children grow in their understanding of what it is to live among a community of redeemed people guided by a loving Lord.
My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts – A short devotional and story for each letter of the alphabet.  We used this more when the kiddos were toddlers (and I’m sure we’ll pull it out again).
Hymns For a Kids Heart (Volumes 1-4) – Each lesson teaches the history of a particular hymn – who wrote it, what was going on in their life, etc.  These books are perfect to use while teaching the kids hymns.
Mighty Acts of God – Another family Bible story book that the kids have enjoyed.
This is No Fairy Tale – Fairy tales tell about brave princes and beautiful princesses, castles, giants, magic, and other amazing things. But this story doesn’t need any of that. That’s because this story is no fairy tale. But it’s still amazing—and it’s true. This book tells the story of Jesus Christ so you will see him for who he is—not a fairy-tale character, but God’s Son and the one true Savior.
Long Story Short and Short Story Long

Favorite Books: Christmas
Keeping Holiday – My parents first introduced our children to this book and now it is a beloved tradition to read it every year.   Starr Meade writes a wonderful allegory of faith and the search for God through this beautiful and well-written holiday story. Snuggle up under a blanket, pull your little ones close, and read this captivating story together.
Behold the Lamb of God: An Advent Narrative – These stories come alive and make it hard to read only one chapter each night! This book is designed to read 1 chapter every day from December 1st through December 25th.
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus – This is a wonderful selection to read along with your devotions during the month of December.  I keep this on my nightstand  and often read a selection each night before bed.  This book is an anthology of Advent readings collected from the writings and sermons of 22 classic and contemporary theologians and Bible teachers.
Song of the Stars – This adorable children’s story is written in a lovely poetic way that perfectly captures the wonder and awe surrounding the birth of Christ.  The illustrations are beautiful and simple.  Song of Stars is about the coming of Jesus and how all of creation is waiting for Him!  This is a favorite of Callie and Emma’s, but even the big kids enjoy listening.
The Tale of Three Trees – This classic story is another favorite to read at both Christmas and Easter.  Each of the three trees have a dream, and each tree’s dream is fulfilled – although not precisely in the way that they anticipated!
The Crippled Lamb – This sweet story is about a lamb with a crippled leg who feels left out because he can’t run and play with the others.  But God has a special plan for his life that only he can fulfill!  This book beautifully illustrates the love of our Father who loves us in spite of our blemishes and sees each one of His children as special just as they are.
The Three Gifts of Christmas – A princess learns the important truth that it is better to give than to receive.
The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats – A book based on our all time favorite Christmas album, Behold the Lamb of God.  In this song (and book which comes with a sing-along of the song), it tells the story of an unlikely royal family tree. Just hearing him sing this song is impressive with all of the hard to pronounce names! In the book, there are also fun facts about the characters who are a part of the family tree. Good luck reading this book to your kids (don’t worry, after hearing the song a bunch of times you’ll know how to pronounce all of the names).

Favorite Books: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember
Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

Favorite Books: Easter
Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross – A collection of short writings and sermons by 25 classic and contemporary theologians and Bible teachers, focusing on the wonder of Christ’s sacrifice. This is a perfect companion to use in the days leading up to Easter as we linger near the cross.
The Very First Easter – A favorite of the kiddos. It is a bit lengthy, but our kids love to sit and listen. In this book, a Dad and Mom tell their son all about the real meaning of Easter. Passages from scripture are weaved throughout the story, along with many questions from Christopher (the boy in the story) and answers from his parents. The full page illustrations are beautiful as well.
Journey, Easter Journey –  This book presents the story of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. This book is geared towards younger children as it is much shorter and has a rhyming/singing kind of text that is easy to read and very engaging. Our little girls love this book, although all of the kids will sit and listen.

A wonderful Classical Christian Education Booklist:
1000 Good Books List

A resource from The Institution for Excellence in Writing:
IEW Reading Lists


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