>Our newest addition …

>… has arrived!

Emma Jane made her appearance this morning at 3:59 a.m.
She weighed in at 7 lbs. 13 oz. (making her our biggest by a whopping 1 ounce!) and is 19″ long.

We’re are loving our new girlie and doing well … more details and pics to come soon!


>40 weeks.

>A belly pic as of this morning at 40 weeks …
I don’t think many people thought we’d see the day my pregnancy ticker would say 40 weeks and baby would still be cozy in the womb. Alas, here we are! Overall, I’m doing well and completely ok to be preggo still. It’s sleeping at night that is getting rather difficult, and that is what makes me look forward to having the baby be on the outside … well, that and of course we’re very excited to meet him/her! I realize I will be up during the night to care for the baby … however at least when I am in bed I’ll be able to sleep (at least I hope)! These nights between random contractions, potty breaks, heat flashes and overall uncomfortableness the sleep isn’t coming easy. But we’re grateful that the baby has had time to grow and develop since my doc still doesn’t think the baby is all that big for being full term.

I obviously took a little too long in the shower this morning based on the picture below … somehow the kiddos let her get non-washable markers so I still haven’t gotten it off of her face! Thankfully it came off of the door and walls … I’m still working on the carpet; maybe the scrubbing on my hands and knees will put me into labor … ha!

Hopefully the next post will be introducing the newest member of our family!

>baby update 2.

>I’m sure most of you who read this blog already know this, but I thought I’d actually take time to give an update since things changed after my last post! Last Wednesday (a week ago) early in the morning, I started having contractions again … after a few hours of having them every 5-6 minutes we called and of course they wanted me to come in. They monitored me and the baby for an hour, then decided to give me something to stop the contractions since I had only dilated about a cm since my appt. 2 days prior. Thankfully, the contractions stopped and they allowed us to come home … as long as I promised to do pretty much nothing (the “try to take it easy plan” went out the window).

So, for the past week my Mom and Mother-in-law have been serving us by being here on weekdays while Brian is at work. They cook, clean, do laundry, help with the kiddos school, entertain Callie and constantly make sure I’m not doing anything! So, in the mean time I spend a lot of time sitting on the sofa with my feet up drinking ridiculous amounts of my pregnancy tea and water … and eating ice! I’ve had lots of time for projects that can be done while sitting doing absolutely nothing (which kinda limits which projects I can actually accomplish), so I’ve been spending time entering my recipes online as it’s a project I’ve been wanting to get done for awhile now. And of course I’m still able to do school with Hailey and Justin while I rest so that takes up a decent amount of time during the day as well.

Thanks to all who participated in the baby guessing game … and anyone who hasn’t given a guess about what gender/what date/how big #5 is going to be, feel free to leave a comment! It appears from the poll on the sidebar that many are convinced we’re having a boy … I think some have been swayed since my early labor hit because of Justin coming early. Me though … I still think it’s a girl (I’ve been wrong plenty though so this doesn’t mean much)!

I’m grateful that my contractions have slowed, but I’m still looking forward to hitting 37 weeks next week so I can resume normal activity! At this point, we’re hoping baby comes by August 1st, or decides to wait until after August 7th (the big wedding day)! Just to humor me I wouldn’t be shocked if the baby decides to wait until closer to my due date (or come on August 7th …. ha)!

Thanks for your prayers and care, we greatly appreciate it!

>baby update.

>Early Monday morning I woke up having some contractions, and eventually they started coming regularly every 5-6 minutes for over an hour. I knew I had a baby appt. later on Monday morning, so I told my doc what was going on and then discovered that I’m 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. So now I’ve been told to “take it easy.” Which for the record is easier said than done. I also seem to have dropped … which means lots of pressure when standing, and even more pressure when lifting, doing stairs, etc. As my doc said, “wow, the head is right there.” I could’ve told you that!

Since we don’t know what we’re having and boys mature slower in the womb, they’d really like me to make it to 37-38 weeks before delivering … and I’m completely on board with that as we know all about what happens when you deliver 5 weeks early! So now I just plan to sit around and do nothing all day … ok, so not really (somehow, with 4 kids that just doesn’t seem too ideal) … but, I do plan to try and take it nice and easy!

I started school last week with Hailey and Justin, so there is plenty of time for me to sit and relax while I help them, listen to them read to me and read to them. It’s really just Callie girl who throws in an interesting twist as she has been a bit grouchy (maybe due to cutting 6 new teeth in less than 3 weeks … now she has 12 teeth)!

So we’d appreciate any prayers on behalf of our growing family …. for baby #5 … particularly that he/she would stay put for at least another couple of weeks. Also, David and Krista’s (Brian’s little sister) wedding is on Aug. 7th, and we’d really like to be in attendence (and be a part of it!) … so that’s another prayer request. You could also pray that the older would kiddos continue to be big helpers and servants to me, peacemakers with each other and that Callie would understand my limitations and be joyful!

And last but not least, I thought I’d end with a little contest. I’m not making any promises as to how great the prize will be for the winner, but it will still be fun! Leave a comment answering the following questions:
1. Are we having a boy or girl
2. What date will he/she be born on
3. How big will he/she be
4. How long will he/she be

I have a feeling these answers could be all over the place … happy guessing!

>randomness about us.

>Here a little glimpse into the life of the kiddos and us these days …

-Almost 19 months and full of energy, joy and curiosity
-Saying more words every day … and learning how to obey every day!
-Our escape artist who has managed to escape from the gated-in deck and her megasaucer on numerous occasions (and if she does escape into the yard you can assume she’s headed down to see the neighbor’s horses)
-Plays in the potty and pulls off all of the toilet paper less frequently (even when the door is left open … yay!)
-Thinks baby #5 lives inside my belly button
-Looks just like me (so I’m told!)

-Loves to sing all day long
-My little helper in the kitchen
-Still sleeps on the bathroom floor on occasion after getting up during the night to go potty … she gets this from her daddy who used to sleep in the hallway when he was little!
-Thoroughly enjoys playing with her big sister and brother
-Only weighs approximately 4-5 pounds more than her little sister and has yet to break the 30 lb. barrier … she fits her nickname “peanut” very well!

-Completely ok with being the only boy here all day while daddy is at work (good thing since he doesn’t have much of a choice)
-Finished his first year of school and is eagerly anticipating being a 1st grader so that he can do even more school (let’s hope that continues)
-A very hard worker with daddy outside
-Loves sports and roots for whoever daddy likes!

-My very, very big helper – loves to make salads all by herself for dinner, wash dishes (particularly helpful since we’re in need of a new dishwasher and are currently hand-washing all dishes), clean, entertain the other kiddos, read books to her little brother and sister … and pretty much anything else I need her to do!
-Excited to be a 2nd grader (and had a great year as a first grader)
-Is a bit of a pack-rat … you never know what you will find in her desk, in her room, etc. … I’ll let you guess whether she gets this trait from her daddy or mommy!

-We are loving making this house our home, and my hubby is the hardest worker I know. When he’s not busy at work, he’s busy at home on some project to bless me!
-I’m officially in my 3rd trimester as of tomorrow, and our prayer is that baby waits until after Krista’s (Brian’s little sister) wedding to arrive, but we’re trusting in Gods perfect timing!
-We spent this past weekend preparing our garden … we were both very sore and exhausted (forgot how much work it is starting from scratch!), but we were happy to get everything planted last night before the rain came. The kiddos were absolutely huge helpers with getting the rocks out (we live beside a stone quarry) … and Callie was a huge helper in eating about a pound of dirt while throwing it on her head, rolling around in it and having the time of her life.
-We are very excited for our annual Herr vacation to the OBX coming up in less than 2 weeks.
-We have actually agreed on a name for both a boy or girl! Check out the poll on the sidebar to let us know if you think we’re having a girl or boy!
-And to end on a humorous note … the ladies at the fire hall (where I vote at) almost fell out of their chairs this morning when I told them this is our 5th kiddo (after asking if it’s our first)!

A picture update to come one of these days …