Our Homeschool Curriculum

I love having the privilege to homeschool our children!  We do a little bit of everything to pull together our curriculum, however we do tend to follow the Classical approach.  Below are some resources that we use and have found helpful:

We are blessed to be a part of a Classical Conversations community and we meet with our group every Monday.

We use Ambleside Online’s Free Curriculum for book ideas, especially for the older kids. We also use their resources for things such as Poetry, Shakespeare, Art study, Composers, Folksongs, and Hymns.

For math we use RightStart Mathematics (the first edition).

Our primary history is The Mystery of History , however we also use many other books for extra reading.

We use Sonlight for some of our extra readers, read-alouds, and history books.

We love using Apologia for science and our kids thoroughly enjoy the Charlotte Mason style notebooks that go along with this series.

For LA, we primarily focus on reading, penmanship, and some spelling in the early elementary years. Beginning in 4th grade our children are a part of the Essentials Program at Classical Conversations. My favorite curriculum for spelling has been All About Spelling.

More than anything, we try to use real, living books to engage and teach our children!


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