Whole Food Resources

Sources for finding whole foods:

Eat Wild A great resource for finding grass fed meat locally.

Real Milk Wonderful site that discusses the lost value of raw milk, why we drink it and local farms that sell raw milk.

Weston A. Price Great information about eating whole foods the way our ancestors did; the cookbook Nourishing Traditions is based on his findings; and although I don’t support Sally Fallon’s new-age approach there is a wealth of recipes and information in her book.

Urban Homemaker A great site with information on bread making, soaking, recipes and tips. This is where we purchased our grain mill as they have wonderful customer service! I absolutely love Marilyn Moll’s recipes and use many of them, with my favorite being her 100% whole wheat bread that I make weekly.

Local Harvest A site that lists local farms and CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) which is a great way to find local produce.

Mountain Rose Herbs A favorite source for buying organic oils, herbs, spices, teas, and essential oils.

Tropical Traditions A great place to purchase all things coconut, including coconut oil!  This is also where I buy my coconut flour and shredded coconut. They also have a wonderful page with recipes.

Sue Gregg There is a wealth of information on Sue Gregg’s website in regards to healthy eating. Her cookbooks are also great resources (especially the main dish and breakfast ones). Her Christian perspective is refreshing as well.

Vitacost A great place to buy vitamins, supplements, toiletries, etc.


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