>Family Fun and a Farewell


We spent this past weekend with my family and had a great time hanging out together. We stayed at Ryan and Hollis’ place (we missed Hollis greatly who was away on a business trip) which is where we all hung out for the weekend. Other than Sydney falling and getting a bloody nose, and Justin falling off of the swing and getting a cut on the back of his head it was uneventful in the injury department! On Sunday night we said our final farewells to Mom and Matt. They departed from Baltimore last night and should be arriving in London shortly. Then tonight they depart from London and arrive in Lusaka tomorrow morning! For anyone interested in reading about updates while they are in Africa for the next 16 weeks, I will be posting on this blog I set up as Mom sends me updates. So feel free to check it out!

Here are some pics of the kiddos while we were in Harrisburg …

Ryle, Ben, Justin and Hailey




The boys … Ryle, Ben and Justin


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